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Mailing List Requirements
You have several options for sending us your mailing list. When working with a local computer person, you can give them this sheet to let them know what kind of mailing list formats we can take. If you donít have a local computer person working for you, we can generally help you create your list. Weíve worked with many offices and a variety of software programs, and should be able to help you too.

Mailing list formats we can take:
1) Comma-delimited, which looks like this:
Joe,Jones,123 Anystreet,Anycity, Anystate,10000

2) Comma/quote delimited, which looks like this:
"Joe","Jones","123 Anystreet","Anycity","Anystate","10000"

3) Tab delimited, which may look like this (note that you canít actually see the tabs):
Joe Jones 123 Anystreet Anycity Anystate 10000

4) dBase/FoxPro/Clipper format. You canít view this format except with a copy of dBase, FoxPro or Clipper. It is a commonly used database format.

5) Label format, which looks like this:
Joe Jones
123 Anystreet
Anycity, Anystate 10000

Sam Jones
124 Anystreet
Anycity, Anystate 10000

Formats we donít take:
1) Donít send us any files youíve saved in a word processor. Word processors put all kinds of formatting information in files that we canít read. You need to send us straight text files.

2) Donít send us any files created by a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel or Lotus 123. Normally, you can save these in "Comma Separated Value", "Comma Delimited", or "CSV" formats. Go into Excel, select "File", then "Save As", and instruct Excel to save the file in one of the above formats. The result is a text file we can use.

You can send your mailing list to us the following ways:
1) Put your list on a 3-1/2" floppy disk and send it to us. Make sure itís protected so that it doesnít get mangled in the mail, and write on the package: Magnetic mediaódo not X-ray. Be aware, though, that the Post Office handles envelopes with automated equipment that, regardless of your packaging, can mangle disks.

2) Email us your list. If you have email capability, you can send us an email and attach your address list file to it. Our email address is: lists@quillandmouse.com

If all else fails, we can take your labels, with the following qualifications:
1) We prefer one-up labels (these look like the label format above).

2) We can take two-up or three-up labels, but will only do so in quantities less than 2500. Note that sending us labels instead of your list on diskette/email significantly increases not only your mailing costs but your processing costs as well because we may have to hand-label your newsletters.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 727-443-5263.
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